European Breast Cancer
Surgical Consortium

2nd International Conference of the CEEBCSC,
St Petersburgh, Russian Federation


Despite there were multiple technical issues and against all odds our 2nd CEEBCSC session was a success. The total max number of connections was 306 and the least number of viewers during the session was no less than 101. Connections were established by viewers from 12 countries.

During the first part of the session Dr. Zoltan Matrai, the chairman and the founder of the CEEBCSC, described the regional situation with breast cancer care in Eastern Europe and the world emphasizing the necessity for cooperation and improvement.

Prof. Thorsten Kuehn's talk was focused on the need for global cooperation to increase the quality of the data obtained in randomized clinical trials in breast surgery.

Dr. Alexander Bessonov described the highlights of the largest global conferences in relation to the management of early breast cancer.

Dr. Dashyan presented the results of the local audit of the structure of the breast care available in St. Petersburg. According to his data the amount of oncoplastic surgery performed varies significantly among dedicated breast centers from less than 11% to 56%.

During the second session, chaired by Ashutosh Kothari, Dr. Bahadir Gulluoglu presented the latest standards of care regarding resection margins both in the setting of primary care and after neoadjuvant therapy.

Dr. Alexandru Blidaru was focusing on the controversial topic of the contralateral prophylactic mastectomy, which remains to be an issue both from the medical and financial point of view.

Dr. Janez Zgajnar from Slovenia reviewed and analyzed the latest evidence to deescalate surgery of the axilla upon the successful completion of the NAT.

Dr. Petrovsky from Moscow addressed the issue which has long been settled by the various international guidelines, but despite that fact, remains to be an aspect of outmost concern - whether or not tumor biology should be considered at planning surgery.

The third session was dedicated to radiotherapy, an element of complex management capable of adversely affecting esthetic outcomes of breast surgery. Timing of interference has incremental signifficance.

Prof. Christoph Andree from Germany analyzed the impact of radiotherapy in cases of IBR, which is becoming more and more popular.

Dr. Malygin and Dr. Zikiryahodjaev from Pirogov and Hertzen institutes respectively shared global and personal experience of subpectoral and prepectoral IBR in the setting of inevitable post-op radiotherapy.

Dr. David Murawa was finalizing the session with his talk on radiotherapy in oncoplastic breast surgery.

The 4th session was focused on the surgery of complicated cases, the area of lesser standardization, where personal experience matters the most. Top Russian surgeons from St.Petersburg, Moscow, Stavropol and Tomsk shared there ideas, tips and tricks on optimal management in given situations.

The increasing role of lipotransfer as a complementary procedure and as a self- sufficient method of breast reconstruction was described by Dr. Ashutosh Kothari during his talk at the 5th session of the congress.

The 6th session "North vs Everyone" resembled itself a contest of young surgeons. The rivaling teams were composed by doctors from the Petrov Institute (North) and renowned breast centers from Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and Kazan. Complicated cases in oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery were given and young surgeons were to present their insight into the management. Audience was given the opportunity to vote. According to voting results, the North team won!

All of the invited speakers were able to connect and participate with their talks. Conducting this conference online was a very interesting and precious experience. As it is a global trend currently due to COVID 19 pandemic. We hope that in the nearest future all the CEEBCSC members will have the chance to meet in person and discuss all the latest aspects of breast surgery in more comforting conditions.