European Breast Cancer
Surgical Consortium

Main Aims

The main aims of the CEEBCSC are:

  • to increase the quality of breast surgical care in the region
  • the oncoplastic approach should become standard of care in breast cancer surgery
  • to facilitate evidence based clinical practice in breast cancer surgery
  • to faciliate as standard of care the multidisciplinary tumor board decision making
  • to facilitate international breast surgical scientific relationships
  • to facilitate the education and training of breast surgeons in the region
  • to facilitate the scientific and professional conturing and separation of a dedicated breast surgery from the level of general surgery
  • to facilitate the establishment of standardised but international compatible oncoplastic breast surgical curricula and licence
  • to facilitate high quality international, multicentric clinical studies, aiming scientifically up to dated and relevant hypothesises on the highest level of evidence
  • to facilitate the information of citizens about breast cancer, screening, multidisciplinary treatments, modern breast surgery and breast reconstruction
  • all patients should be offered breast surgical procedures that lead to best oncological and aesthetic outcomes on a long term.
  • in accordance to the European standards to facilitate as basic right for all women to have access of immediate and/or delayed post-mastectomy breast reconstruction
  • to facilitate the communication of breast surgical clinical science and healthy policy
  • to facilitate patient involved decision making and psycho-oncological care
  • to facilitate the increase of financial support of modern breast surgical care
  • to facilitate the advocacy of dedicated breast surgery to the national and international surgical or onco-surgical societies
  • to promote the accreditation and certification of breast surgeons according to European standards (European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS)- Fellow of Breast Surgery (FEBS) examination).